Cora Jongsma, MA, Landscapehistory and Art


Cora Jongsma (1968) studied Monumental Design at the academy ArtEZ and Landscape history at the University of Groningen (2017). She explores the making of land through the making of felt. Lines in landscape,  representing human cultivating activities of recent and historical events are becoming visible in so called feltscapes.

Since 2011 she has taught as a guest tutor at several schools including Landscape architecture at the TU Delft, Academy Minerva, ArtEZ and Dutch Feltacademy in The Netherlands.

Selected exhibitions and workshops:

2017 Dwell, Act, Transform. Faculty of Art (RUG) and Academy Minerva Groningen

2017 Project Radius, Peergroup, Donderen

2017 Matterscape, Taskscape, Feltscape. Art based landscape research, MA (RUG) Groningen

2016 Challenge Landschap 2070, Raad voor de Leefomgeving en Infrastructuur

2015 Karrensporen over het Ballooërveld, artistic research and BA

2013 Polders van Vilt, Museum Nieuwland Lelystad

2011 Tuinen van Mien Ruys, Dedemsvaart

2009 Architectuurcentrum Makeblijde

2008 Kwekerij Piet Oudolf


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